“Exactly what I needed where I wanted it. I’ve had the procedure and got great results.”

~ Woody Windham

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“I, like many women had battled the belly ‘pooch’ for many years. It seemed like I was just stuck and I would just have to accept that I could not get rid of it. The procedure was easier than I anticipated and only requires an oral sedative, so recovery was quick.”

~ Wendy, Columbia SC


“I had my stomach (upper and lower) done, and only 2 days later I had my whole family at my house for a cookout. My self-esteem has increased so much. I highly recommend having a consultation with Dr. Hutchinson to see what he can do for you.”

~ Pam, Columbia SC


“For as long as I can remember, I have been a medium framed woman. I come from a fairly small framed family. All of us have small shoulders and fairly small waist lines. For the most part my clothes fit well except for one particular area of my body, the area most of us know as the “saddlebag area”. There we’re many difficult days after leaving department stores that I felt depressed and frustrated.. The pants that I tried on would fit everywhere except this particular area. I would have to go up to the next size so they wouldn’t be too tight in this area but then they would be too long and the waist would be too big. Rarely would I find a pair of pants that I would so that I wouldn’t have to alter in some  way.

Year after year, I worked out consistently trying to maintain or keep my waist down. Last year I turned 39 years old and I had my 20tth high school reunion.  I really wanted to lose 10 to 15 pounds before the reunion. I began cutting calories and increased the intensity of my exercise program. As the weight began to come off I was happy about that but just like in years past, no matter how many different exercises that I tried I just could not reduce the size of the “saddle bag” area. It seemed as though with every day that I slid my clothes on, I was constantly reminded of this problem that just wouldn’t go away.

As we all have heard the saying “miracles never cease,” my miracle came true for me.  Dr Manly Hutchinson and his interest in Laser Liposuction was an answer for me that I could be rid of this source of frustration once and for all. I decided to have Dr Hutchinson perform the Laser Liposuction on these areas of my legs and within a few days I could see a noticeable difference. The procedure caused very little discomfort and very little scarring. It I took several weeks for all the swelling to go down completely before I could see the final results. Now I can slip into my jeans or other pants and they fit so nicely. I haven’t felt this way in so long and am so happy with the results  . I wish that anyone who has ever felt the same frustrating feelings that I had prior to the procedure could feel like I feel now. Thanks to Dr Hutchinson I feel so happy and at ease with the way my clothes fit.   A feeling that I didn’t think would ever happen. I hope that anyone who may be experiencing the same feelings that I had, will consider consulting with Dr Hutchinson and letting him show you how things can really be different for you. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for Dr Hutchinson. I know that this new procedure will be an answer for so many people like me.”

~ Denise, Columbia SC